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I have never known that a part of me was a dancer. Before, I was a lawyer. And long before I was a happy girl, shy and plump, unable to dance a simple "pasodoble" (I do not mention the rumbas) and very busy recovering my injuries caused by two traffic crashes and reading every book that I could get in my hands. I am one of those persons that discovered my passion while in my way and that has to be reflected, one way or another, in my Dance.


In 2003 I came across with Oriental Dance; I can remember exactly the day I placed in the hands of my current teacher, with the attitude of "let's see what you can do with me". Somewhat later, Flamenco began to knock the doors of my soul. Little by little, like everything that came into my life to stay, Dance transformed me from inside to outside. I started to take more care of me, to love myself more, to respect myself more and knowing myself better. I started to feel like everyone should feel, a beautiful, powerful and magnetic being, and most incredible, "rhythmic"! I discover my inner rhythm and realized in horror of all the limiting messages I was steering to myself during all these years. And eventually I connected still more with the Universe though Yoga and Reiki, whose soft networks have given me the balance I needed, equipping me with very valuable skills for Dance and Life.


In 2006 I began to tread the boards of different theatres and restaurants in Spain and in countries such as England, Turkey and Greece.

I am part since its foundation of "Alcalá Danza Oriental" Company directed by María José Guillén, and "MT Evolution Dancers" art project based on the Flamenco Oriental Fusion led by Monica Tello. Valuable lessons I gained from my companions, their passion, their solidarity, their experiences, their energy, and most valuable of all: friendship. The group fascinates me and the group is where I feel really comfortable, always researching the subtleties of power to create a common energy from different people who I love and admire.

One day, I decided I was so happy dancing, I saved money, I left mi legal carreer and threw me into the world, to devote myself exclusively to the arts and embarked on a journey taking in countries of Europe, Asia and Africa while studying the dance and lifestyle of different teachers and cultures. Flamenco, Contact Dance, Yoga, Meditation, Giro Sufi Tribal ATS, Fusion, Hilal Dance, Turkish Dances, Greeks Dances, Music Theory, Percussion...

Currently, my life revolves around Zamora, Madrid and the world, combining my work as a teacher of Flamenco, Oriental and Tribal Dance, Flamenco Oriental Fusion and Yoga, I also rehearse and perform as a solist and with companies which I am part. I also deliver various workshops at prestigious schools in Turkey (Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa), and in 2013-14 I have collaborated with ITU, Istanbul Technical University and Conservatory of Dance and Turkish Music. I have projects also in countries like England, France and Argentine.

Another aspect in which I feel comfortable is in the ORGANIZATION OF EVENTS. In this sense, I have been co-organizer of "Ederlezi, Turkey in the heart of Madrid", the first event organized in Spain dedicated entirely to the Turkish culture, and has had great success with audiences and critics, and with a major impact on various media.

On the other hand, as immediate projects, I work in artistic impulse, through representation or intermediation of artists, events and cultural products, both domestically and internationally, in the belief that sharing is wealth and growth . In this sense, I am the co-developer or the work Master Suraya Hilal in Madrid, project TribalON on Castilla y León, and argentine dancer Shessenia.

Another of my passions is read and write. I am a collaborator in the EDANZA Magazine, the ETER.COM Portal (pioneers in spreading dance nationwide) and AÑIL DANZA.

On occasion some people ask if I felt I have wasted my time dedicating 11 years to advocacy. In those moments I meditate, from the perspective that gives the time to look back without sadness or resentment. And all I ensure TODAY would not be who I AM and I certainly am not will be anyone, but had traveled My road with all its consequences.

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